Artists for the holiday in Kiev and Ukraine - female trio BANG GIRL BAND

 Trio “BANG” girls band will create a wave of drive and good mood with the incendiary rhythms of a smiling DJ girl, high-sounding saxophone sound and bright vocal performance of hits. By inviting artists to the holiday, you can enjoy the author’s adaptations of popular musical hits.


The capital is replete with many offers for ordering artists. Prices in Ukraine vary depending on the technical equipment of the group, the skill of the band members, sound quality and repertoire. It has become easier to create a party with live music with the increasing popularity of cover bands. Such bands replace the original performers, saving the budget without hitting the quality of the music. The girls from the “BANG” girls band amaze with their precise hitting the hearts of fans and give a new cut to famous hits.

Artists for Events: Benefits of a BANG Cover

One of the main advantages of the female musical group “BANG” is a diverse repertoire: the tracks differ in styles, musical directions, presentation. Professional equipment will provide surround sound that will fill the hall with saxophone sound, DJ mixes and professional vocals.


Our features are love for what we do, an individual approach to each event, the selection of a repertoire in accordance with the wishes and preferences of customers and insane charisma. We act as a support band for popular artists. The velvet saxophone will add original shades of sound, and the beautiful female vocals will appeal to all guests of the event. The DJ will allow you to create real magic of track processing – covers will sound modern and original.

Artists for party - "BANG"

In our author’s arrangements – fresh variations of your favorite hits and a pinch of charm. Emphasize the status of the event, add prestige to it by inviting a female cover band. Choose a playlist for your audience from our repertoire. We will provide bright images, professional sound, high-quality concert management and arrange a performance of the duration that the customer needs.


The group “BANG” lights up at public events, offers musical accompaniment for the city day. When discussing the details of the speech, we focus on the following factors:


1. event format;

2. budget;

3. duration and program of the event;

4. technical features of the site.


These criteria will allow the band members to understand what kind of audience they will work with, which compositions to recommend for performance, which dresscode to choose. We responsibly approach every detail to create a unique atmosphere at any event!

Women's band "BANG"

The live band “BANG” has repeatedly performed on the same stage with famous vocalists in Ukraine and abroad. Performing popular compositions, the girls prepared the audience for the release of eminent artists and created the right mood. You can order several composition options:


– Trio. The atmosphere will be created by romantic notes of saxophone, incendiary mixes of Dj and professional vocals.

– Saxophone and vocals. Complement the vocal compositions with saxophone solo performance and you will get a quality formula for performing in the wellcome zone or in dance sets.

– DJ and vocals: Guests will appreciate this approach to artist selection.

– Saxophone. Surprise your guests with the magical sound of the saxophone.

– Vocals. Popular compositions performed by a charming vocalist. DJ girl. Cool covers and an alluring continuous stream of dance tracks.


Do you want the stars to be greeted with an extravaganza of applause? The format of the event involves dance music and a club dance floor, where guests can move in time to the sound of their favorite hits. Choose professional BANG girls band female trio artists

BANG girls band works in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and in other countries

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