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The best musicians for a corporate party in Ukraine and other countries - BANG girl band

The world of business is not only about business meetings, seminars, conferences and office routines. Without what events it is impossible to imagine the activities of the company? Of course, no corporate events and meetings. But gigs, in turn, are simply impossible without high-quality musical accompaniment.

The female trio of professional musicians “BANG” girls band will create an amazing atmosphere at your event! We will support the format of any holiday with cool live sound.

Musicians for a gigs: live music and its benefits

Organization of an event is not an easy and responsible task. You need to take into account many factors, pay attention to the details that will create the right atmosphere. Artists at the corporate party of your company will prepare repertoire, taking into account the wishes and preferences of guests. Musicians performing songs with computer backing tracks are no longer surprising. What was new and interesting a couple of decades ago is now ubiquitous. Whatever their stage equipment is, it will not produce a spacious and rich sound. A modern trend is to invite a cover band to a holiday. Artists have in their arsenal many compositions, which they perform in the author’s arrangement. The list of benefits of live music is huge, let’s focus on the main ones:


1. vibrations of musical instruments and vocals merge into original tracks, delighting the sound and creating an incredible atmosphere at the corporate party;

2. sound envelops the hall and echoes in the heart of every listener with your favorite rhythms and songs – coordinate the repertoire with the BANG group to the smallest detail;

3. This version of the musical accompaniment of the event is synonymous with prestige, it increases the level of organization of the event;

4. Artist at a corporate party who performs covers live becomes a part of the program – the musicians feel the mood of the audience, communicate with it and correct the script.


For celebrations on the occasion of the company’s birthday, New Year, March 8, professional holidays and other important events, it is better to order a cover group. Plunging into the atmosphere of high-quality music, you will never regret your choice for a moment. Employees will be happy to go to the dance floor for friendly battles, sing famous songs together and just relax in an informal festive atmosphere. Great team building and great memories!

"BANG" girls band - the best music for a corporate party

The BANG group consists of three charming girls with a variety of musical compositions in their repertoire. Our uniqueness is in the combination of DJ dance rhythms, velvet saxophone sound and professional vocals. The participants conquer with charisma and provide an individual approach to each banquet. We perform in several line-ups – choose your ideal version of musicians for a corporate event:


– Trio “BANG” girls band – vocals, saxophone, dj.

– Duo: vocals accompanied by a saxophone or a duet of a vocalist and a driving DJ

– Solo performers: luxurious saxophone sound, professional vocals or incendiary DJ mixes.


Dance music for a corporate event is our special love, because it makes it easy to unite a team. We will perform hits that will impress even those who cannot move. All employees will gather on the dance floor to dance and have fun!

Live band for gigs: we will make your holiday unforgettable

Do you need dance music for a corporate party or a chamber sound of a saxophone for background accompaniment of a holiday? Perhaps you are planning a summer party for the young team of the company? Or foreign retro is closer to your employees? But what if you organize a theme party in the spirit of the 20s or an Oscar? Do you have a different idea? It’s great, because our cover band will support any musical and corporate adventure.


Contact the “BANG” girls band if you are looking for musicians for a corporate party in Kiev who can convey the entourage with the help of voice and musical instruments. We will perform your chosen compositions and give a lot of positive emotions!

BANG girls band works in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and in other countries.

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