Cover band for a wedding in Ukraine and other countries - BANG girls band

Romantic sound of a saxophone, fiery DJ-compositions and professional vocals for a wedding. We present you the BANG girls band.

Musicians for the wedding: features of live band of Ukraine

The atmosphere of a wedding depends a lot on the music. Like the choice of the general style, color scheme, the menu of the celebration, the newlyweds and the organizers take a responsible approach to the formation of the repertoire. Give preference to live music. This alternative to artists performing under computer backing tracks will be remembered more by the guests. Among newlyweds in Kiev and Ukraine, the invitation of a musical group to a wedding has gained particular popularity. Artists perform favorite hits of all generations of guests in the author’s modern processing. Girls from the musical group “BANG” will delight the newlyweds, their relatives and friends, giving an unforgettable atmosphere to the important moments of the wedding day:


– touching tracks for an exit ceremony or the first dance of the young will evoke sincere emotions in those present;

– saxophone melodies will meet guests in the restaurant and fill the banquet hall with notes of classical, jazz compositions and pop music;

– the group invited to the wedding will light up the dance floor with popular foreign and Ukrainian hits in modern processing.


The advantage of choosing such performers will be a repertoire consisting of songs of different styles, trends and even musical eras. Mix tracks and enjoy covers of your favorite tunes.

Cover group for a wedding - features of the female collective "BANG"

In Kiev, a cover of a group is invited to a wedding more often than original performers or single musicians. The main reasons for this popularity are affordable budget and prestige. Musical arrangement from the women’s trio “BANG” will become the highlight of the youth party, an excellent addition to a chamber wedding, or a facet of a celebration for a large number of people. You can choose one of the band composition options:


1. Trio: professional vocals, romantic saxophone and bright Dj mixes.

2. Solo performers: captivating saxophone, driving vocals or fiery energy of DJ rhythms

3. Duets: enchanting vocals accompanied by a saxophone or mixes created by a DJ console.


Capturing the mood of the wedding, we select suitable tracks so that every guest has the opportunity to dance. Alternating romantic wedding songs with driving modern rhythms, domestic popular melodies with foreign hits, the BANG group will become an integral part of the celebration. After a couple of minutes of performance and communication with guests, we create a festive atmosphere. Watch videos from the performances of the musicians at the wedding, as well as other promo videos of the group

Live music for the wedding: dancing with "BANG"

Order music for a wedding in Kiev, and enjoy the first dance to “your” song in the original performance! If you are looking for professional, charismatic and responsible musicians for your wedding – this is the female cover group “BANG”:

– girls who professionally create modern music hits will fill the hall with the sound of covers;

– saxophone for a wedding is exquisite and original;

dance sets from a cover group that will support the concept of the event, add prestige and charm to the party.


A frequent request from newlyweds is famous dance music for a wedding, under which you can hold contests, arrange battles, invite guests of different ages to the dance floor. And we can easily translate all wishes into reality. Together with the main characters of the wedding day, we discuss the playlist, preferences, adjust the sequence of compositions to the scenario of the banquet. Entrust us with the musical accompaniment of the wedding on the occasion of the creation of a new family!

BANG girls band works in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and in other countries

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